Volunteering in Long Beach, Washington

Instinctively we know it feels good to give back. The Long Beach Peninsula provides groups the opportunity to connect with the community in a meaningful way. 

Volunteering at Long BeachThe amount of plastic in our oceans continues to make headlines as the negative impact on marine life is becoming increasingly evident. Groups that volunteer their time can make a difference. Volunteers have come from all over Washington State to join the Grass Roots Garbage Gang and you can too. Organized cleanups begin around 9:30 AM and finish up between 11:30 and noon. Sign in at any major beach approach, pick up your bags and hit the beach! Grabbers provided on a first come first serve basis. All volunteers are then treated to hot clam chowder. (Other soups and snacks available.) at the Peninsula Senior Center. Soup is usually served between 12:30 & 1:00. Groups can expect to meet local residents passionate about taking care of our beaches and are welcomed at these events. There are 27 miles of beach area to work in so groups have the choice to spread out or work closely together. Be sure to contact Ragan Myers in advance of your arrival so she can help ensure your group is assigned a work area that is easily motorcoach accessible. 

Every July 5th hundreds of volunteers help clean spent fireworks and debris from the beach. Beach cleanup efforts involve standing, lifting, and carrying debris. Group members will want to have sturdy shoes and dress appropriately for weather conditions. If the idea of cleaning up spent fireworks makes you nervous don’t discount the idea of a beach cleanup. There are several organized annual volunteer events scheduled throughout the year for other beach clean efforts.  Making a positive impact on the beach can be a rewarding way for groups to enjoy the scenery. Groups that book ahead can also arrange to have a local resident greet your group and share background information about the local environment, plastics in the ocean and the impact on marine life. 

Wings over Willapa is a special event designed around birding. Event organizers are seeking additional volunteers to assist with bird counting. This special event is an enriching event for groups as your volunteer portion of your trip can be combined with guided tours, classes, and workshops for a well-rounded excursion! This activity requires participants to be outside and able to walk and stand for periods of time. Though they are not required ideally group members will bring their own binoculars. Learn more here.

Additionally trail maintenance opportunities at a local Washington State Park are also available. Join other volunteers in helping Washington State Parks who collectively provide over 250,000 hours of assistance. Student groups, senior groups, and groups of all kinds may help with park improvements such as trail maintenance, tree planting, litter pick-up, minor repairs, stream restoration, preparing parks for summer visitors, and more. This is ideally suited for family reunions, clubs, organizations, schools, businesses, and other groups are invited to volunteer at state parks. Groups need to plan ahead so that they can be met on site by a state park volunteer or employee and provided with the proper equipment for the day. Cape Disappointment State Park. Groups can expect to meet other dedicated park volunteers and rangers from the local area. 

For more information and personal assistance with group lodging, dining, and pre/post volunteer activities please contact Ragan Myers, Tourism and Events Coordinator

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