Through the Looking Glass

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Through the Looking Glass

Day One – Pier Points

Ever wonder why a coastline, no matter where that coastline may be, attracts so many artisans? Could it be because of the spectacular sunrises or sunsets? Or the pounding surf? Or the intriguing wildlife that calls these places home? Or is it just the people that call the towns and villages dotting it, their places of residences that attract these talented people? It is a culmination of all of the above.

Artisans that call the Long Beach Peninsula home come in all shapes and sizes…art that is!

On this tour, your passengers will be taking a photography class from a world renowned master, tasting the cuisine that is making the Peninsula famous, creating clay flowers for their gardens, seeing demonstrations from artisans proficient in painting with water colors and oils, glass blowing, glass etching and even mixed media.

But the real looking glass will be the ever changing seascape that will be right at your doorstep!

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