Every year Long Beach welcomes groups of all ages and sizes to the Washington Coast. We love groups and we want them to enjoy a safe visit to the coast. Here’s a helpful list of safety tips to keep in mind when exploring the ocean beaches.

  1. Watch the tides, ocean currents are strong. You can’t swim against the ocean currents. 
  2. Logs in the surf or wet sand can roll. Be alert when approaching large pieces of driftwood.
  3. Booking a bus for a scenic drive ensures passengers can enjoy the scenery and gawk at the coastline while the driver safely pays attention to the road. 
  4. Digging your toes in the sand and building sand castles is a big YES! It’s fun for all ages, but don’t dig caves in the dunes. Caves and tunnels in the dunes can collapse and cause unintentional traps. 
  5. It’s exciting to see marine life like seals on the beach. Keep wildlife wild, never feed the wildlife. If you see seal pups alone on the beach do NOT approach them. Their mothers are off hunting and will not return to their pups if they sense humans.
  6. Cliffs add to the dramatic landscape on the coast but they are not safe for climbing. 
  7. Groups are ok to get on rocks or jetty at low tide for beachcombing but are encouraged to stay alert and watch the tides. You don’t want to get trapped at high tide. 
  8. Picnics at the beach are a fun addition to itineraries. Please help us protect the landscape and avoid fines by packing out your garbage.
  9. The crackling of a beach bonfire is an irresistible way to bring groups closer together. When choosing a place to safely build a fire please make sure you are not within 100 feet of flammable dune grass area. 
  10. During the winter season, many people visit the coast with the express purpose of watching the storms roll in. The powerful surf and impressive waves are thrilling to witness. It’s easy to get carried away in the excitement but never drive on the beach during a storm warning. For additional tips on how to safely watch the storms click here. Contact Ragan Myers, tourism and events coordinator for personal assistance in finding a group-friendly restaurant or waterfront hotel for venues that will provide a great view of the storms from a warm-dry comfortable environment. Cape D


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