The Annual One Sky, One World event hosted by The World Kite Museum is scheduled for October 13 and 14, 2018. 

A buoyant kite soaring in the sky is a sight that invokes a whimsical feeling. Groups are invited to attend the annual One Sky, One World event. It’s fun, educational, and an event that brings cultures together. This event is held the second Sunday in October annually, around the world at hundreds of locations. Come as a spectator or join in on the fun. Groups that want to have a hands-on experience are encouraged to register on site to fly a kite. You’ll want to bring your own kites or stop by the gift shop at the World Kite Museum and purchase kites for your group members. The event is held outdoors and is weather dependent. Seating is not provided. The event kicks off October 13th at 10:00 AM and ends October 14th at 3:00 PM.

After attending the event outdoors head over to the World Kite Museum where groups can appreciate the multi-cultural symbols of the kite and ocean of air we all share have a timeless appeal. Groups are invited to learn the stories behind the kites contribution to cultural history. Study the arts and sciences behind centuries of people flying and enjoying kites. This event features art and entertainment activities and celebrates understanding and friendship between, people, environmental awareness and promoting world peace.

There is no bus parking at the beach where the kites are flown. Bus tours can park to the south of the Bolstad Approach to drop off groups for a short walk (one block) to the open beach to see the kites flying. There is no charge to attend the outdoor One Sky, One World event. Click here to learn more about discounted group admission rates to visit the exhibits inside the World Kite Museum available with advance bookings. 

Contact Ragan Myers, Tourism and Event Coordinator for Long Beach Package Travel for complimentary concierge-style assistance with finding group lodging, dining, and shuttle.

Event Location | 303 Sid Snyder Drive, Long Beach, WA 98631

Event Phone | (360)642-4020 

Event Website

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