®In The Footsteps of the Corps of Discovery

Enjoy the sight of thick green forest on steep mountains and cliffs as you see the places and hear the historical stories about Lewis and Clark and The Corps of Discovery.  Walk in the footsteps of these 32 adults and one toddler as they faced their most dangerous foe of the three year trip.  Share an evening with your new found friends at a Farm to Table dinner in the woods…and how do you get there? By Golf Carts of course!  The Columbia River and Coastal Southwest Washington were almost the demise of the expedition but we can enjoy the beauty and make your own footsteps as you explore this country.

Day One – Their Footsteps

On this first day of your exploration at the mouth of the mighty Columbia River, you tread in the footsteps of the Corps of Discovery.   Go to the place where they slept on logs and were in the water for 12 hrs. a day.  Then see where they met the people of this country and hear how they saved the expedition.  Visit the site where they saw the mysterious bird; view the artifacts of the Native Americans and the relics of the Expedition; and finish your day dining in an historic Inn.


Discovery Trail

Discovery Trail photo courtesy Long Beach Peninsula CVB

Day Two – Your Footsteps


“The Confluence Project is an initiative to reclaim, transform and reimagine seven places along the historic Columbia River Basin, through permanent art installations by Maya Linn.”  Today, you will visit one of those sites, the Cedar Circle.  Perched on a cliff 160 feet above the mouth of the Columbia River, the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center recounts the story of their perilous journey.  There are interactive exhibits for your experiential tour.  Lunch will be at a restaurant located on the Ilwaco Pier….not only great food, but an opportunity for shopping in the galleries and boutique stores located within walking distance.  Joining you after lunch, Mr. Jim Sayce, a member of the Washington State Historical Society, will be your guide and narrator as your traverse the Discovery Trail from Ilwaco to the Long Beach.  Your farewell dinner will begin with a ride on a golf cart to a private outside dining area….and a Farm to Fork dinner awaits you.



Astoria Column Tour

Day Three – Their Winter Fort

Upon leaving the Peninsula, you will cross the bridge that when built, the naysayers said, “no one will ever use it!” or “the bridge to nowhere!”  Today, however, it is the link between the two States, Washington and Oregon.  Climbing t, the top of the Astoria Column, your view is spellbinding! Then the visit to the winter fort of the Corps will be mind-boggling…how did all those people live in such quarters for such a long period of time?  Why is the roof slanting the way it is?  Where did they get their fresh water?  What did they eat? Who were the Chinookan speaking people?  These questions and more will be answered during your visit. 

For more information, or to book your group on this tour please contact Ragan Myers.

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