Groups that like spooky tours can explore “haunted places” in the peninsula. 

  1. The Graveyard of the Pacific, pro tip the most dramatic time for a spooky tour is during storm season
  2. North Head Lighthouse, ask about the ghost of Mary Pesonen
  3. Shelburne Hotel
  4. Lighthouse Ocean Resort, walk along the older cabins at night and keep an eye out for specters 
  5. Rod’s Lamplighter Restaurant and Lounge, ask about the ghost of Louie the former owner
  6. Sou’wester Historic Lodge
  7. Shakti Cove Cottages
  8. Knappton Cove Heritage Center

Haunted PlacesFor more details on these locations check out this helpful round-up article. Still, want to get into the spirit? Pick up a copy of the book “Ghost Stories of the Long Beach Peninsula” by author Sydney Stevens. An additional option is to schedule, weather permitting, a catered meal on the beach with a local historian narrating the shipwreck history. Contact Ragan Myers, Tourism and Event Coordinator for Long Beach Package Travel for complimentary concierge-style assistance with finding group lodging, dining, and shuttle.


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