“How can I be of assistance to your group?”

That’s the first question you’ll hear when talking to Ragan Myers, Tourism and Events Coordinator for the City of Long Beach.

Born and raised in the peninsula, Ragan has 9 years of experience in working with groups and was nominated as one of the Top Ten Next Gens in the January 2014 issue of Groups Today magazine. Active in National Tour Association, American Bus Association, and the Washington State Package Travel Professionals, Ragan is accomplished at creating group-friendly itineraries to showcase the best of this incredible coastal destination. Her networking with peers across the state of Washington and into Oregon make her an invaluable resource for tour operators planning multi-state itineraries. 

In addition to tour operators, a variety of groups are welcome in Long Beach. Ragan also works with athletic and tournament directors, church groups, senior groups, school groups, and car collector groups on an on-going basis. Group leaders are encouraged to work directly with Ragan when needing group-friendly accommodations, dining, and complimentary assistance with building itineraries to get the most of your trip to the World’s Longest Beach.  

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