Steam TrainThe Clamshell Railroad once connected families, industries, and entire communities.

The rails are long gone, but they are far from forgotten. The tide, logging, farming, and fishing could all impact the way the railroad ran. For 40 years, the lonesome whistle of the steam engine could be heard across the peninsula. It was often said a tide-table, not a timetable was the ruler of the rails. 

Groups are invited to attend the annual Clamshell Railroad Days on July 14 and 15, 2018 where groups can tour one of the railroad cars, and see multiple model train sets in action. And groups that enjoy history tours will want to download their free copy of the Clamshell Railroad Driving Tour brochure. This helpful map and talking points provide useful content for tour operators. To learn more about this historic gem visit: And to click the link below for your PDF copy: Clamshell-Railroad-Driving-Tour-Brochure-for-Website

Please contact Ragan Myers for group-friendly lodging near the festivities or for more personal assistance. 


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