Cathedral Tree Trail in AstoriaLong Beach, Washington is proud to welcome visitors cruising to the nearby Ports. Guests cruising on Princess Cruise Lines can opt to experience the Cathedral Tree Trail Shore Excursion. On this 4-hour adventure groups of 12 get to visit the Astoria Column, the Wreck of the “Peter Iredale” along the Cathedral Tree Trail in the lush green Clatsop Forest. 

The highlights of this excursion are considered to be Astoria’s natural treasures. Many are situated within walking distance from the heart of the city. Be sure to have hiking boots, raingear, a hat, a jacket, and camera. 

As you explore the 1.5-mile path with bridges ambles past thickets of old-growth fir and spruce you’ll see the famous Cathedral Tree, a 300-year-old Sitka spruce that has withstood hurricanes, and tropic storms. The tree soars over 200 feet and the fluted trunk has an opening that is large enough for a child to stand in. This trail provides a serene, shady walk along the fragrant fir trees. 

After a relaxing time in the forest, the group will then make their way to the Astoria Column. This popular landmark was modeled after the 2,000-year old Trajan Column in Rome! The hand-painted spiral frieze depicts the area’s early history dating back to the discovery of the Columbia River in 1792. Built in 1926, the 125-foot tall concrete and steel edifice features a cast-iron staircase that leads to an observation deck. If you choose to climb the 164-steps you’ll be rewarded with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, Columbia River, and Young’s Bay.

Before heading back to the cruise ship the group will visit the wreck of the Peter Iredale. Please note that this itinerary will cover a total of 3 miles of walking over uneven terrain. This shore excursion is offered by Lor’s Tours. 

Long Beach, Washington is located approximately 30 minutes from the Astoria Column. Long Beach Package Travel partners with a variety of cruise lines and tour operators including Shore Excursions America. 

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