Culinary Treasures


Colorful shops, great seafood, comfortable lodging, small museums, horseback riding and an expansive beach may be some of the reasons that Forbes Traveler named the Long Beach Peninsula one of “America’s Favorite Beach Towns.” There is another side to this area and that is the rich soil that abounds in the valleys, of which produces some of the finest foods around so it is no wonder, that the region’s chefs are acclaimed far and wide!

Shell fish and seafood, cranberries, organic vegetables, artisan cheeses, roasted coffee, paired wines, a brewery, historical sites are just a few highlights that are included in this category’s tour.

The chef’s do utilize and live by the FLOSS creed, Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal and Sustainable. Your taste buds will agree!

Photo: Sea Images Northwest

Best of the Bog and Bay

Day One: ®“Best of the Bog and Bay” Begin the day in the quaint and historic Oysterville.  Hear the stories of how ‘gold’ was discovered here….not the shiny kind, but the kind that comes in an Oyster shell!  While in Oysterville you will be treated to: Coffee and...

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