Beach Wheelchairs in Long BeachThe World’s Longest Beach is now more accessible than ever.

Long Beach, Washington offers visitors a limited supply of beach wheelchairs to use free of charge! These adult and youth wheelchairs are available in two locations. The Rodeway Inn and Suites in Long Beach has a non-motorized adult and youth wheelchair and one motorized wheelchair is available at the Kite Museum. All units are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no charge to use the wheelchairs however, a valid ID is required to check them out. A companion will be needed in order to push the chair through the sand. There is a 250 lb weight limit on each of the adult units. 

Ragan Myers, tourism and event coordinator for Long Beach Package Travel is estactic about this new development “We are delighted to share the good news with groups. No longer will mobility challenged, or disabled group members feel like they’re left behind when groups go to the beach. Now we have a way to get more people out on the sand to enjoy the beautiful scenery and sound of the surf.”

Bring your groups to Long Beach, the beaches are now more welcoming for travelers with disabilities and others with limited mobility looking for a beautiful tour experience.


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