5 Ways to Maximize Your Group Visit to the Sandsations Sculpting Competition

Sandsations ScupltureFor more than 30 years thousands of visitors flock to the Long Beach area on the Washington Coast to take part in the annual Sandsations each July. Groups can enjoy the festivities as spectators and competitors! Along the shoreline, adjacent to the Long Beach Boardwalk and near the Bolstad beach approach there is so much to see.  Competitions for ALL ability levels! Here are a few insider tips to get the most out of your visit. 

  1. Sign up for sandcastle making lessons
  2. Hire a photographer to take a photo of your group effort sandcastle
  3. Book your lodging early so you can stay within walking distance of the competition
  4. Set-up a basecamp at the beach for your group with seating, shade, a sunscreen station and snacks
  5. Buy souvenir t-shirts or hoodies for the group as a memento of your tour

Run wholly by volunteers, the Sandsations event draws visitors from around the globe to participate and to watch the fun. For more insider tips on planning a group tour, and/or for group lodging, dining or transportation contact Ragan Myers, Tourism and Events Coordinator. 

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