You know what they say, “if there are no Facebook photos it didn’t happen!”

You won’t let that be the case when you bring your groups to explore the Long Beach area in beautiful Washington State! To make it even easier for you to capture those group adventures here’s a helpful list of 10 photo opportunities your group won’t want to miss! 

  1. Have your group strike a pose at not one, but two historic lighthouses. The Northwest Lighthouse and Cape Disappointment Lighthouse are both a century-old and each provides memorable backgrounds for a group photo. Book your group tour with us directly and we’ll give you all the insider tips about getting to and from the lighthouses easily with a motorcoach group. 
  2. Next to a sandcastle that your group built on the beach. Not only will your group feel like a kid again, but this a fun photo and a great teambuilding activity too. Book your next excursion with group lodging and we’ll even help you arrange this activity with all the supplies your group will need. 
  3. Astride bikes as your group prepares to bike the scenic discovery trail. A local company, “Affordable Mopeds” rents bicycles and mopeds. 
  4. With your surf gear as your group gets ready to catch a wave with Skookum Surf Company. Skookum provides skilled instructors and all the gear necessary for groups to have a fun and safe encounter on the water learning to surf. 
  5. On horseback as your group gets ready to take a guided horseback trail ride on the beach. Vendors will pair a horse with each member of your group and get everyone ready for their trail ride. We can even help you arrange a beach bucket lunch after the group ride is complete.  
  6. Walking along the beautiful Willapa National Wildlife Refuge. Tip, schedule your group tour in advance and we can help you plan to have a naturalist lead your group. Having a local expert on the flora and fauna can be a helpful guide as you stroll through the refuge. 
  7. Riding the carousel. Watch the years melt away as your group climbs aboard their mounted steed and listens to the carousel’s organ music.  The Rides at Long Beach operates a series of carnival-style rides.
  8. Digging for gold, bivalve gold that is. Contact us directly for an official list of scheduled clam digs. We’ll help make sure you have all the equipment your group will need, plus have a local expert on site to make sure each member of your group has a successful dig. 
  9. Behind the wheel of a go-kart. Vroom, vroom! There’s something about a friendly go-kart race that gets the grins going. As you put the pedal to the metal the smiles start flying. Be sure to capture your group feeling like a kid again at Funland
  10. Under the famous “World’s Longest Beach” archway on Bolstad Avenue. 

Groups visit Long Beach throughout the year. Contact us directly and tell you the best times of the year (and day) to visit each of these spots. Stay tuned to our blog and our monthly newsletter for more exciting group activities. For more information and complimentary concierge-style assistance click here. 

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