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It is a misconception that when one is visiting the beach, there is only one activity to enjoy, and that is “a walk on the beach.” The Long Beach Peninsula has some surprises for you! Yes, it is true, it is a driving beach, and yes it is true, there is a trail that is over 8 miles in length, but wait….there is so much more!

”Playin’ Around at the Beach” highlights six activities with a day spa visit to soothe those used muscles. Golfing, Cycling, Fishing, Kite flying, Surfing, Kayaking, and Hiking the many trails to start…and then there is the Fun Center, and go carts and shopping and … and….and….You’ll just have to experience the Peninsula to fill in the rest of the ‘ands’!

Playin’ Around at the Beach!

Playin’ Around at the Beach!

There’s so much to do on the Peninsula that it takes five...