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Best of the Bog and the Bay

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Best of the Bog and the Bay

Day One:

Begin the day in the quaint and historic Oysterville. Hear the stories of how ‘gold’ was discovered here….not the shiny kind, but the kind that comes in an Oyster shell!

While in Oysterville you will be treated to:

  • Coffee and fresh baked cranberry scones
  • Walking tour of Oysterville
  • Presentation and Oyster shucking demonstration by owner of Willapa Oyster Farm
  • Box lunch at Oysterville schoolhouse with activity
  • Stories about area pioneers
  • Concert by musicians at Oysterville Old Church
  • Shopping for mementos at Oysterville Store

Cranberries are indigenous to this area, as the Native Americans dried and used them to flavor their salmon dishes during the long cold winter months. This has become a Peninsula staple crop, and the Cranberry Museum and gift shop is where one will hear the stories of this holiday favorite!

If you are fortunate to schedule this tour during harvest time….about the first or second week of October, a tour of the Ocean Spray Cranberry Processing Plant is a must…..and not to be overlooked.

Spend the evening dining in an historic inn or overlooking the ocean…the choice is yours.

Overnight in Long Beach lodging facility

Day Two:

Today, you will visit the source of the cuisine that is so often served on the Peninsula starting with a tour and demonstration by the owner of the Green Angel Gardens. Many of his products will be found in the area restaurants year around. Coffee and pastries will be served. Meet the Park Ranger that will be guiding you on a ‘mushroom hunt’. Enjoy a cooking class and lunch featuring the mushrooms you have harvested and vegetables freshly picked from Green Angel Gardens. The afternoon will find you visiting a world renowned water color artist in his historic home turned gallery. His ancestors were pioneers in the oyster trade. Your evening dinner will be at Nanci and Jimella’s Café. Known for their locally produced and hand crafted dishes carried over from The Ark Restaurant fame, you will not be disappointed. Overnight in Long Beach.

Day Three:

Arriving at the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum, you will be greeted by docents, but first coffee and cranberry muffins will be served in their conference room. It is here that you will hear the story of the ‘Clamshell Railroad’ by the engineer himself. The docents will be describing the exhibits, from the display of Chinookan artifacts, the ancient shipwrecks, the Lewis and Clark expedition, life on the Peninsula in the late 1800’s; early 1900’s, and of course the Clamshell Railroad. Shopping and lunch will be on your own at the Ilwaco Pier. Don’t forget to visit the art galleries! Dinner and cooking demonstration will be at The Depot with Chef Michael Lalewicz. Overnight in Long Beach.

Photo: Sea Images Northwest

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